Racing, Placing and Pacing – 2015 Year in Review

I often struggle with writing about my accomplishments as a runner.  I try to walk a fine line between showing pride in my accomplishments and trying to be humble, as I’m sometimes uncomfortable selling myself.  I don’t consider myself to be a great runner – there are many, many better than me.  But I do realize that I am a good runner, and am very blessed for that gift and talent.  This post is about accomplishment in 2015, so I hope it doesn’t come off as too “braggy”.

2015 was a break out year for me as a runner.  I won 4 races, I ran more races than I ever have before – 15 marathons and 5 ultras, and I PR’d twice in the marathon.  My hard work over the past 3  year had finally paid off in the form of victories, PRs, joining a running team, and even some sponsorships.  So there, I’m bragging a little.  On the humble side, while all these accomplishments are great these memories will not be the fondest ones.  What I will remember most about 2015 is the amazing people I met on my journey and the new friends that I made.  The words below will tell of the accomplishments, and the PRs.  I am truly at a loss of words to describe the fun I’ve had with all the new people I have met and friends I have made, so I won’t even try!  Whether it was racing/pacing or having fun with my Maniac friends, or tearing up the trails with the Trail Racing Over Texas family, 2015 was one hell of a journey.  I can’t wait to chase more dreams in 2016, and I hope you all have a blast chasing yours!

2015 Summary


January 1, 2015 – Texas Marathon – Kingwood, TX: 3rd place overall in 3:07.  Slightly disappointed as I was 7 minutes slower than 2014 when I had won the race.

January 18, 2015 – Chevron Houston Marathon – Houston, TX: Shattered previous PR by over 3 minutes and ran a 2:53:19.  Was the 6th fastest Houstonian and 17th fastest Texan to run the race.  75th place out of over 7,000 runners.


After the Texas Marathon with my 3rd place T-Rex.  That is a heavy medal!


February 1, 2015 – Galveston Marathon – Galveston, TX: 2nd place overall and won age group.  Ran a 3:01 only 2 weeks after a 2:53 effort in Houston.

February 15, 2015 – The Freescale Austin Marathon – Austin, TX: Completed a hilly Austin course in a decent time of 3:07.


March 1, 2015 – The Army Marathon – Killeen/Temple, TX: Discovered the joys of pacing with the Maniac Pace Team.  Ran a 3:14 marathon as the 3:15 pacer and ended up with a top 10 finish.

March 15, 2015 – The Seabrook Lucky Trail Marathon – Seabrook, TX: Won my 1st race of the year in a time of 3:03.  Fellow Maniac Henri won the women’s race for a Maniac sweep!

March 28, 2015 – San Felipe Shoot-Out – San Felipe, TX: Ran my 1st Trail Racing Over Texas (TROT) event and felt at home.  Finished 5th overall and 3rd male in the 22 mile staged race.  Met the TROT family for the 1st time.


The win in Seabrook!


Henri and I showing our Maniac Pride after we both won the race!


Met these awesome cats (Super, Sheik and Poste) while pacing the Army Marathon.  Didn’t know it then, but we would run many more races together during the year.


April 11, 2015 – Davy Crockett Bear Chase – Groveton, TX: Got my 2nd win in as many months by laying down a 2:57.  Still the only race I have ever led wire to wire.

April 25, 2015 – Brazos Bend 50 (50K) – Needville, TX: Finished 5th overall and 4th male in my 1st ultra distance.  Ran a 4:08 despite taking a 10 minute break in a shelter during a hail storm.


Me and my pal Sock Monkey Boone after winning the Bear Chase.


May 17, 2015 – Shires of Vermont Marathon – Bennington, VT: Won my 3rd race in as many months with a 3:05 on a very hilly but beautiful course.

May 31, 2015 – Minneapolis Marathon – Minneapolis, MN: Ran a 3:03, good for 12th overall.


1st Place at Shires of Vermont.




July 4th, 2015 – Baytown Bud Heatwave 5 Miler – Baytown, TX: Ran this on a whim to see how speedy I could be.  On a hot humid day ran a 5M PR in 30:06.  Good for 8th overall and 2nd AG.

July 18th, 2015 – El Scorcho Nueve (50K) – Fort Worth, TX: Finished 2nd place with a 3:58 in my 2nd try at the 50k distance.


Fellow maniac Nick and I running in the warm Texas night at El Scorcho.


August 14, 2015 – Anchor Down Ultra (6 hr) – Bristol, RI – In my 1st attempt at a 6 hour race I completed 34+ miles, good enough for 2nd overall and 1st male.

August 22, 2015 – Habanero Hundred (50k) – Smithville, TX:  Had my first ever DNF at a race and ate some humble pie.  Ran 25 miles then puked a lot due to running too hard in extreme heat, and over hydrating.  Big learning experience.


Eating humble pie at the Habanero Hundred.  PC to Trail Racing Over Texas.


September 12, 2015 – Night Moves Trail Races – San Felipe, TX: Ran a night trail half marathon and finished in 1:42, good for 3rd overall.

September 26, 2015 – The Grand Lake Marathon – Celina, OH: Paced the 3:15 group and finished in 3:13 (another top 10 finish as a pacer) in this small race.  As always had lots of fun with the Maniacs.

Night Moves

Start of the Night Moves Trail Races.


The Pace Team at Grand Lake – Lot’s of new friends here!


Fun times at Grand Lake…tell me you can find a more fun pace team at another race!


October 11, 2015 – Bank of America Chicago Marathon – Chicago, IL: My “A race” for the fall, this was a new PR of 2:52:55 – good enough for a NYC qualifier!  Best part was spending the weekend with my family who made the trip from Rhode Island.

October 17, 2015 – Jackalope Jam 6 HR – Hitchcock, TX: Only 6 days after a hard effort in Chicago I knocked out 38+ miles in a 6 hour race, good enough for 2nd place.

October 23-24, 2015 – Ragnar Hill Country Relay – Comfort, TX: In my 1st official event as a Team TROT member, we put together a blazing fast team to go win the Ragnar Hill Country Relay.  Covered 125 miles in 16:03.


Me and the family after I snagged a PR.


2nd place at Jackalope Jam – Fellow Team TROT member Jeff Ball took 1st!


Taking the hand-off from Jeff Ball at Ragnar Hill Country


November 7, 2015 – Little Rocky Raccoon 50k – Huntsville, TX: Ran a 4:03 in this trail 50k and ended up with a come from behind win.

November 15, 2015 – Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas Marathon – Las Vegas, NV: Paced the 3:25 group in brutal conditions and finished in 3:24:56.

November 22, 2015 – Route 66 Marathon – Tulsa, OK: Met my favorite Maniac friends in Tulsa and ran a blazing 2:55 (3rd best marathon ever), good enough for 7th overall and 1st AG in a race with over 2,000 marathon finishers.


Me, Sabrina, Andrew, Brian and Angie enjoying some post race antics in Tulsa.


Bowling with the Main Maniacs and Bart Yasso after Route 66!


December 12th, 2015 – Brazos Bend 100 (Marathon) – Needville, TX: Ran a 3:18 for 3rd overall in a hot and humid trail race.

December 13th, 2015 – BCS Marathon – College Station, TX: Ran my 1st “double” (2 marathons in 2 days) on a cold rainy day.  The “band” was back together for another Maniac Pacing Gig.  I co-paced 4:15 and ended up finishing in 4:13.

2015 Brazos Bend 100 for Team Trot social media

Running for Team TROT at Brazos Bend – PC: Myke Hermsmeyer and TROT.

2015 Brazos Bend 100 for Team Trot social media

Happy to have finished 3rd after a hot/humid effort at Brazos Bend.  PC: Myke Hermsmeyer and TROT.

pacers rock

There’s your 4:15 group in a rainy blur.


Having fun at in the rain at BCS!

That’s It!

So that’s 2015.  As you all know I love stats, so let’s end it with some that summarize the year.

Total 2015 Miles: 2,384.5 – Most ever run in a year.


15 completed with a best time of 2:52:55.  Three wins, one 2nd place finish and two 3rd place finishes.  Average finish time of 3:10.  Ran 7 BQs (Sub 3:05) and 4 Sub 3:00.  Route 66 was my 10th sub 3:00 marathon lifetime.


5 completed (6 attempted, had one DNF) with a 50k PR of 3:58 and a distance PR of 38.85 miles for a 6 hour race.  One win, and three 2nd place finishes (or two wins and two 2nd place finishes if you go by gender only).


2 half marathons.  One 5 mile race.  One relay race. Two 5ks and one 10 k.  Set PR in 5 mile with a 30:06 and ran my first two sub 6 minute miles in a race.

Total races completed for the year: 27


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  1. That’s a LOT of running. I never cease to be amazed at how you remain in one piece!


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