Marathon March – Back on the Roads

Wheeew!  I’ve had little time to post as March was a crazy month, so I figured I’d give a few quick lines on the goings on.  I came out of my last trail marathon in February (Saddle Blazer) feeling burnt out and with some pains in placed I didn’t want them.  Turns out I was suffering from some pretty bad form issues, and this manifested itself in some weakness in the back of my legs.  I wasn’t running strong.  The 1st two weeks of the month were about resting and getting healthy…then I forgot about that and went a bit nuts…3 marathons in 3 weeks…Ooops!

Zydeco Marathon – March 13th, 2016 – Lafayette, LA

Zydeco was a long standing pacing gig for me and I was looking forward to pacing my favorite time (3:15 – a comfortable, yet firm pace for me).  Two weeks of relatively low mileage and low impact running felt me feeling decent going into this race, so I didn’t have any doubt I would nail the pace.  What actually ended up happening in this race was totally unexpected.  The day dawned hot and humid (as they can down south in March).  I went out with a decent group and was right on pace, but my group fell apart by mile 8 (yeah, it was humid).  After the half marathon split off at mile 12 I ran alone for most of the race.  I stayed on pace (maybe pushed it a bit since I was alone) and ended up passing a lot of struggling runners as the heat and humidity had really taken a toll.  Bottom line is I rode the pony into the finish line in 3:13:30 and somehow ended up taking 3rd overall as a pacer!  I got a nice award for my moderate effort.

This was a great race and well done (outside of a few traffic control issues).  Good support on the course, good organization and excellent post-race party!  Of course since this was a Maniac Pace Team Gig…well you know how crazy those cats are!  Fun times in Lafayette!


Hanging with crazy cats Sabrina, Marc and Sean after finishing Zydeco…I’m flashing that #3 because that’s what I was.


Zydeco has some nice swag for their OA finishers!  “It’s a major award.”

Zydeco was Marathon/Ultra #46 lifetime and #6 of the year.

Seabrook Lucky Trail Marathon – March 20th, 2016 – Seabrook, TX

I can’t say enough good things about Seabrook!  It’s one of my favorite races ever and is just so well done.  This was my 3rd year in a row running it.  The end result was a 3:06 and 4th place overall.  While I was a bit disappointed with this vs. prior years (3:04/3rd in ’14, 3:03/1st in ’15) it was still a good run given the nagging injuries I had been battling coming out of Rocky Raccoon 50M.  Also, legs were still a bit tired from Zydeco, so I just didn’t have my normal pop!  But…enough complaining…it was still a perfect day for a run.  #47 lifetime and #7 of 2016.


I got to the race too early that morning and was cold…

Tomoka Marathon – March 26th – Ormond Beach, FL

Tomoka was a very quick turnaround from Seabrook, being only 6 days after.  This race was a late last minute add to my caldenar while I was pacing in Zydeco…let’s just say fear of missing out got the better of me!  The great part about this race is that I got to pace an easy time for me 3:40, and it was just damn beautiful.  This smaller race runs along the water and through a beautiful old growth forest in norther Florida.  The race is very well done (although the aid stations needed some work).  I nailed my pace on a humid morning and got in a good 26.2 training run.  Also got to run in to the finish in with Gabby, the amazing 9 year old marathoner who ran a 4:59 to break 5 hours in her 3rd marathon!  As always…it was pacing…so…well…you know by now (yeah, it was fun).


Showing off our moves at the expo…which just so happened to be at a YMCA.


Pacer pic at the end!


It’s not a pacing gig unless it ends with a pony ride through the finish!

Tomoka Marathon was #48 lifetime and #8 of the year.  It also checked off Florida and got me state #15!

So…it was a crazy busy March with 3 marathons in 3 weeks!  In April I already wrapped up the Crown King Scramble 50k, and will go run marathon/ultra #50 at Brazos Bend 50 on April 16th!  The whirlwind continues…happy running!


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