Team TROT Sponsors

Please take a few moments to check out all the great sponsors of Team TROT.  All of these sponsors offer wonderful products which help me through my training and races!

Altra Footwear provides a “zero drop” platform (heel and front of shoe are the same height) which promotes a more natural mid-foot strike resulting in more efficient running.  They offer a wide range of options from light cushion to highly cushioned.
Julbo is one of the leaders in high performance eyeware for athletes.  Many glasses are designed to ensure they stay on your head when out on an adventurous run.
Victory Sportdesign offers the best travel and drop bags in the industry.  Designed to keep the ultra runner’s gear well organized, making for efficient aid station stops.

Feetures are hands down the best running socks that I have ever used.  They are designed with no seams, so there are no hot spots to rub against your feet, resulting in no rubbing, chaffing or blistering.  They are also extremely durable.  I have pairs that are pushing 3 years old and still do not have holes in them.



Trail Toes keeps those hot spots cool.  Works wonders to prevent chaffing and blistering on all parts of the body.